Market-ready is Mom-ready!

How many articles have I read about getting a house ready to be listed for sale? Too many to count! How can one remember all those details when you don’t know who will be walking through your house, what their tastes are or whether they will mind purple hand towels in the bathroom?
It has occurred to me this week, as I race to prepare my house for my parents first-ever visit, that it’s easier to imagine someone you know (and want to impress) walking through your rooms and opening your cupboards.
Before moving to Sisters, my parents visited my home in Portland. Part of the preparation included telling my husband’s children, aged 7 and 11, that we were expecting the Queen and King’s arrival. Thankfully, I had a photo booth picture of them hamming it up and decked out like aristocracy in a sultan dynasty. They snapped to attention and proved to be excellent little worker bees getting our hive in order.
So, this week, out came boutique soaps, fresh shower curtain liners and spotless hand towels. My husband discovered we hadn’t been using our “good” dishes and wondered what else I had squirreled away. There were trips to the nursery for annuals to liven up our deck and epic marathon sessions of weeding and eliminating trip hazards in the yard. And as for my pile of “projects” in the garage, well, sometimes it’s just time to call in a little help from the Habitat Restore and let them take it away.
First impressions are impactful and can mean the difference between a drive-by peek or an hour-long tour in a house on the market. Think about who would have to visit to get you excited about showcasing your biggest investment; your parents? The president? Sting? Once you name that someone who inspires your inner hotelier, roll up your sleeves and get your tidy on!

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